The Vault

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The Vault is a Quest in Seven: The Days Long Gone. 


Important NPCs

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 After completing the ‘Belly Of The Beast' quest, you need to head to the vault entrance as seen in Savaash's memories.

Upon arriving there, you will witness a scene between Orad, the Technomagi leader on Peh, and the fanatic followers of the Biomancers. The Technomagi have formed a blockade, prohibiting the zealous citizens from progressing any further.

After the scene, if you start a fight or just cross the line, the Technomagi will open fire on the civilians. Although the bloodshed is terrible, you must ignore it to reach the ark.

After making it to the middle of the Technomagi-controlled area, a scene starts.

The Biomancers have perfected advance cloning technology, which means that certain high-ranking members of the faction have “backup” bodies in case physical harm befalls them. High Priest Inon Sekler is one of these high-ranking Biomancers.

Sekler himself, reincarnated, enters through a destroyed wall with his Biomancers and mutated monsters by his side. The Biomancers and Technomagi start to fight with each other.

The path to the vault is blocked by a Technomagi energy shield. You must follow the cable to lead you to the main control room, and the switch to deactivate the shield.

When you reach the control room, your old friend Savaash will appear! If you disconnected him from the machine in the Repositorum, he will appear as a hideous creature, brought back to life unnaturally by the Biomancers. If you didn't disconnect him, he will appear in his normal human form.

To reach the switch and disable the barrier to the vault, you need to kill Savaash. If he's in human form, he will move quickly around the arena with his wicked blades, so keeping your distance is important. In monster form he is slower, but packs a powerful punch, so keep out of range as much as possible.

When Savaash has been dealt with, activate the switch to open the path to the vault.

At the same time, you may witness Orad firing a muon cannon to eliminate the attacking Biomancers, as well as large swathes of his own people.

After you reach the vault and pass the Beholder thanks to the permissions given by Kade, you will fall down to find yourself in a dark room. You need to find a way to light it up to see anything and to restore power to proceed. Use sense mode to locate four triangular switches and activate them.

When you have activated all four switches, full power is restored to the complex. In the middle of the room a hologram of the whole island appears and you can freely proceed forward.

After moving on, you find yourself in a long room with many exhibits. You can interact with the exhibits if you wish. Your task is to find the entrance to the ark.

After reaching the end of the room, you proceed to a hidden underground vault by jumping down again. You will land where the entrance to the ark is hidden.

Upon arriving before the ark entrance, a command line pre-recorded message welcomes you to the ark, and the door opens.

Make your way through the ark to the control room. The main flight console is located in the middle of the room. Artanak will warn you this is the moment you have been looking for.

(Note: Interacting with the command console triggers the end game.)

How the conversation with Artanak develops, depends on your progress though side activities in the game, as well as your own decisions in the dialogue. There are four possible outcomes:

  • If you agree with Artanak that Drugun must be removed, and destroying the Imperial Pal-ace is the only way to achieve this, then you will proceed with his plan.
  • If you disagree with Artanak, you may be able to talk him out of his plan using arguments collected through the game. You will have to agree to help him take down Drugun by means of subterfuge, however, to avoid battling him.
  • You can disagree with Artanak and say that you will destroy the ark to stop his plan, killing yourself in the process.
  • You may disagree with Artanak but have insufficient arguments to convince him to stop. If this is the case, a battle with Artanak will follow.

If you were unsuccessful in changing Artanak's mind, but do not want to agree on destroying Hallard, Artanak will attack you, intending to erase your mind entirely.

  • If you win, you can activate the ark's self-destruct protocol to destroy the ark.
  •  If you lose the battle against Artanak, he will wipe your consciousness, take control of your body, and proceed with his devastating plan.



Tips & Tricks

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