Keep it secret, keep it safe

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Belly of the beast

Veil of darkness

Cures abound

Keep it secret, keep it safe is a Quest in Seven: The Days Long Gone. 

Using Savaash's memories to retrace the Letargia agent's steps, you must go in search of the Artee elder called Malik. It seems the Artee man made a deal with Savaash in order to help him access the ark, but of course, the agent didn't have a chance to fulfill his end of the bargain.


Your search begins at the edge of a dark and unwelcoming swampland: the Everglade Swamps.


Important NPCs

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Reach the swamp area indicated by the objective.

Upon reaching the beacon that you saw in Savaash's memories, a talk with Artanak will trigger.

  • A mysterious voice invites you to journey deeper into the swamps.
  • It asks you to follow the path of the beacons, as they will light your way.

To reach the Artee village, you should follow the trail of the beacons. The village can be reached without following the beacons, but you'll be walking blind and relying on luck to reach it! To follow the beacons:

  • Light the beacons by finding them in sense mode and then interacting with them.
  • Every time you light a beacon, another area will be indicated by the objective.
  • In the new area you will sometimes find more than one beacon, but only lighting the bea-con that changes the objective will progress the quest.
  • At the end of the beacon trail, you will come across an elevator that ascends up a cliff face.

The Artee is a creative, colorful tribe who take pleasure in expressing themselves through art and music. They once spread across much of Peh, and were greater in number, but the Vetrall Empire's arrival to the island pushed the Artee back into the swamps.

Even so, the Artee take pride in passing down stories of the past to future generations. The title of the bard is, therefore, a revered one amongst the Artee people.

When you reach the top of the cliff, a dialogue with the Artee bard, Kolbrek, starts. He seems to know who you are, and informs you that Elder Malik is waiting for you.

Go deeper into the Artee village. Feel free to explore your vibrant surroundings.

At the rear of the village, you will find Elder Malik's hut. Enter it.

Inside the hut, you will find a weak, frail man wired up to a machine. Malik is pleased to see you, and explains that someone else wants to speak to you. Artanak recognizes that someone as a fellow daemon called Kade, is whom the voice in the swamps belonged to. Talk with Malik and Kade, then watch the cutscene.

Kade will inform you of the deal he made with Savaash. As the Letargia agent failed to deliver, he offers you the same deal. Kade wants a new body, since Elder Malik is dying, and he believes he can find one deep within Our Saviour's Temple. If you can acquire a new vessel for Kade, he will help you access the ark.

When Malik has passed away, Kolbrek will ask for a word outside the hut. You may leave the building at this point. Speaking to Kolbrek gives you access to the ‘Veil of Darkness' and ‘Cures Abound' quests.



Tips & Tricks

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