Down the Rabbit Hole

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In the land of the desperate

Down the Rabbit Hole is a Quest in Seven: The Days Long Gone. 

After discovering that Savaash was planning to meet with the Consortium, Teriel heads to Warden's Hold in an attempt to make contact with the shadowy organization.


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Leave Savaash's safehouse.

Continue towards Warden's Hold, as indicated by the objective marker.

Enter Wardens Hold, where you'll speak with Artanak.

Once you have reached Warden's Hold, you will need to search locations where gossip and rumour-mongering are most likely. The Consortium is very secretive, and the only way to reach them is to discover how their clients contact them.

Visit three locations and eavesdrop on the indicated groups to learn about ways to contact the Consortium, as well as other useful tidbits of information that lead to minor quests. These locations are:

  • The Unification Bazaar marketplace: Two thugs talk about a former downtown bar in Closten. A prostitute and a merchant talk about a hidden stash of auryte. This leads to the ‘No Place for a Child' quest.
  • Firefly Manor brothel:Two prostitutes on the rooftop terrace can be overheard talking about contacting the Consortium.Two prostitutes inside the brothel can be overheard talking about a colleague who has been infected by tech rot.
  • The Crucible arena: Two thugs can be overheard talking about a job they are about to embark upon. This leads to the ‘In the Land of the Desperate' quest. Two men in the Crucible stands give an idea about how to contact the Consortium.

Upon finding out the method to contact the Consortium, you need to:

  • Use sense mode to find the top hat motif in the surrounding decorations (graffiti, advertisements on walls, neon signs on buildings).
  • Discover the rabbit markings by using sense mode. Follow them in the direction that the rabbit “points” in.
  • When you have reached the last rabbit, you will find yourself on the edge of a drop into a chasm. Feeling brave?
  • Jump down the hole, and enter the Consortium's hideout.

The Consortium rarely have personal contact with their clients. Instead, they use a system whereby requests are submitted into pipes within their hideout, and a written response is received de-tailing the terms of any agreement. The Consortium primarily deal in information, so don't expect them to do any of the legwork for you.

Speak into one of the pipes and wait for a response.

When the answer arrives, interact with the other pipe to receive and read the information.

In exchange for the information you seek on Savaash's whereabouts, the Consortium want you to sneak into Blackwood Manor and steal a rare artefact known as an Insight Helmet. If you return the helmet to the drop-off location, the Consortium promise to provide the information you need.

Go to Blackwood Manor. Breach the manor's defenses, either stealthily infiltrating the place, or accessing it by less subtle methods. Steal the Insight Helmet. It is located on the top floor of Blackwood Manor.

Return to the Consortium hideout with the Insight Helmet.

Interact with one of the pipes.

When you have deposited the helmet, another pipe opens up providing the information you need. It seems that Savaash is alive, and being held captive at the Technomagi headquarters known as the Repositorum.


Tips & Tricks

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