Memory Lane

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Keep it secret, Keep it safe

The vault

The saboteur

Memory Lane is a Quest in Seven: The Days Long Gone. 

After you hook yourself up to the device, you will wake up in a strange place. You are inside Savaash's mind as translated by the Technomagi machine. Artanak is no longer in your thoughts, as he cannot follow you into someone else's mind. You must push on to find out what Savaash went through up to the point of his capture.


Important NPCs

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Wake up inside Savaash's mind.

  • Go outside.
  • Interact with the fragmented daemon parts. They will not be hostile at this point.
  • Uncover the hidden path in the area indicated by the objective.

A mind is a strange and abstract place to explore. Recalled memories are rarely complete, and often do not appear in chronological order. The Technomagi device seeks out key memories within a person's life, and focuses on these to dredge up answers. 

You will witness key moments from Savaash's past, with each memory adding more details to the puzzle of why the agent was sent here and what he found.

Progress through Savaash's memories.

  • Reach the memory fragment of the Imperial Palace Garden.
  • Watch Savaash's ritualistic promotion to a Letargia agent.
  • Continue along another hidden path.
  • Reach the memory fragment of the Imperial Palace Throne Room.
  • Watch the scene where Drugun sends out Letargia agents to hunt for grounded arks.
  • Fall down in to the arena.

Despite the absence of Artanak, you are not alone in this dream world. Savaash can feel the presence of someone infiltrating his memories. He assumes that you are part of the Technomagi's efforts to extract information from him, and so he resists your advances.

In the memories arena, you must fight an imprint of Savaash. In phase 1, Savaash summons Imperial Guards to protect him. There is always one Savaash among the guards. (note: The Imperial Guards are invulnerable, so attacking them is a waste of time. Instead, focus your attacks on Savaash.) Savaash will disappear upon landing a successful hit, and then return in place of one of the Imperial Guards. When four copies of Savaash have been dispatched, Phase 1 ends and Phase 2 begins.

In Phase 2, Fragments of Savaash's daemon, Bahaya, come into play. You have to repel the fragments of Bahaya. When you do so, Phase 2 ends. If you survive both phases of the fight, the arena will break into pieces and you will fall down to a little floating island in a swamp setting.

Progress through the new memory thread.

  • Avoid the hostile fragments of Bahaya that are looking for you.
  • Watch Savaash exposing an entrance to some kind of cavern.
  • Go after the vision of Savaash.
  • Watch Savaash kill his guide by pushing him into the gaze of some lethal defence mechanism.
  • After the scene ends, progress through the entrance under the defence mechanism.
  • Watch how Savaash and Bahaya light up a beacon in the swamps.
  • Go further into the memories.
  • Watch Savaash strike a deal with a member of a colourful, mysterious tribe.
  • Leave the hut.
  • Find a zipline and take it down to the fragment of memories resembling Mortbane.

In the memory of Mortbane:

  • Watch the Technomagi raid Savaash's safehouse in Mortbane.
  • Leave the house and fight/sneak your way through the fragments of Mortbane.
  • Reach Mortbane Chapel.
  • Watch Savaash demand that a Biomancer priest send a message to Drugun declaring that he's found an ark.

As the Technomagi assault Mortbane Chapel in Savaash's memories, you can hear Artanak calling to you from outside Savaash's mind. Before you can explore additional memories, Artanak will pull you out of Savaash's mind.

 It seems that the Biomancers are storming the Repositorum. It's a fair bet they're looking for Savaash, too.

Back in the Repositorum:

  • Talk with Artanak so that he brings you up-to-date.
  • Deal with the Biomancers who storm into Savaash's room.
  • Decide what to do with Savaash:
       You can disconnect him from the machine, but understand that this will kill him.
       Be merciful, and leave him be.
  • Leave the room.

  • Escape the Repositorum.

( Note: The Technomagi will be preoccupied with fighting off the Biomancers, so use this to your ad-vantage. Do not engage enemies unless it's absolutely necessary. )

  • When you have escaped the Repositorum, you must bring Artanak up-to-speed. 

Artanak informs you that the swamp location where Savaash spoke to the member of the tribe, is called the Everglade Swamps. The tribe is called the Artee. Artanak decides that with Savaash dead or re-captured, you need to go to the Artee village to find out what the village elder in Savaash's memories knows. Perhaps he can help you bypass the defence mechanism you saw earlier - known as a Beholder - and access the ark.



Tips & Tricks

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