Belly of the Beast

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Connected quest The vault

Belly of the Beast is a Quest in Seven: The Days Long Gone. 

Having struck a deal with the daemon, Kade, your next task is to infiltrate the main Biomancer structure on Peh known as Our Saviour's Temple. Once inside, you need to find a way to transplant Kade into a new vessel so that he may lead the Artee people once more.


Important NPCs

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Leave the Everglade Swamps.

 Travel to Our Saviour's Temple and gain access to the interior. To do this, you can either:

  • Disguise yourself as a Biomancer;
  • Sneak your way in through the balcony above the doors; or,
  • Fight your way in.

 Observe the mass led by High Priest Inon Sekler.

 Once inside the temple, you must descend to the bowels of the temple.

 On the lower levels you can:

  • Click on the clone tanks to gain some lore information from Artanak on the Biomancer technology.
  • Enter the Inner Sanctum of High Priest Inon Sekler. If you sabotaged the neural network, Sekler will express disgust that you ruined his operations. If you haven't damaged the network, he will be disappointed that he has to destroy you, but he can't let you and Artanak live.
  • When Sekler has said his piece, you'll have to put him down. Watch out for the creatures he summons to fight alongside him.

When you have defeated Sekler, go into the locked room and use the neural network access panel to upload Kade into the network.

With Sekler defeated and Kade in his new body, the daemon grants Artanak the access privileges to bypass the ark's defenses.

 Once you've obtained the ark access privileges, you're free to leave Our Saviour's Temple.


Tips & Tricks

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