Lost Contact

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Lost Contact is a Quest in Seven: The Days Long Gone. 

Teriel is on the hunt for Artanak's contact from the capital. Their search begins in Lewmer, where Artanak suggests questioning the local merchants for information.


Important NPCs

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Talk to the merchants in Lewmer about recent rumours:

  • Talk to the auryte collector.
  • Talk to the blacksmith.
  • Talk to the tailor. This will reveal information about the dreaded tech rot outbreak that occurred recently on the island.
  • Talk with the generalist. You will learn about the Birdcage arena in Lewmer. It is a place where gladiators compete in vicious bloodsports for auryte.
  • Talk with the vegetable vendor. You will learn about the destruction of the Biomancer chapel in Mortbane, and the need to wear a gas mask when in the town.
  • Talk with the traveling merchant. He will tell us how to get hold of a gas mask, which is a requirement for visiting Mortbane.

After speaking with the merchants and finding out all you can about Mortbane and the island of Peh, you must set out to reach the town infamous for swimming in toxic xurene gas. Artanak in- formed you that the last message from his contact seemed to originate from the Mortbane.

You can reach Mortbane in a number of ways:

  • By finding a path through the treacherous Lewmer Cliffs.
  • By sliding down the zipline after passing through Checkpoint 03.

Despite the fact Mortbane is a relatively small town, and a significant number of its citizens worship a false deity - a giant, subterranean wurm called Voort - the Biomancers still maintain a strong presence. The reason is simple: the xurene gas is used to cultivate a plant called seromile. Seromile seeds render anyone who ingests them docile and compliant, so the Biomancers use them to great effect to control the populace.

When you reach the town, you will find it in a state of chaos. An attack has taken place on Mort- bane Chapel, and the Biomancers are in the middle of a thorough investigation.

When you reach the town , there are two buildings that need to be investigated: a destroyed house, and Mortbane Chapel.

Investigate the destroyed house:

  1. Enter the house and use sense mode to uncover hidden clues:

  • A drawer - ground floor
  • A safe - first floor
  • A pool of blood - ground floor
  • Blasted doors - ground floor
  • Components for a secret mechanism:

  2. Solve the secret mechanism puzzle by interacting with the puzzle elements in the following order:

  • Boar's head
  • Lady's portrait
  • Candleholder

  3. Then take the contents of retrieved hidden stash.

The secret compartment in the destroyed house contains information that suggests Savaash - Artanak's contact - was here not long ago. It appears that he was using the house as a local base of operations, but his map points to him having a larger hideout elsewhere on the island.

Investigate Mortbane Chapel. Enter the chapel and use sense mode to uncover hidden clues:

  • Melted ornaments
  • A barricade made of benches
  • A Nectar container

Nectar is a powerful substance that the ancients had coursing through their veins. It improves various attributes, such as strength, speed, and resilience, and as such is an extremely valuable commodity.

Artanak will urge you to take the powerful substance housed in Mortbane Chapel, since it will allow you to improve your abilities.

When you have investigated both the destroyed house and Mortbane Chapel, Artanak will suggest you leave Mortbane to continue the search for Savaash. The documents discovered in the house hinted at Savaash's true base of operations at a disused transport network depot.


Tips & Tricks

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