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Sanctuary is a Quest in Seven: The Days Long Gone. 

With the clues to Savaash's whereabouts found, Teriel sets out on locating the former contact's hidden base on the island. The first challenge is to hack into an overseer and gain access to Peh's transport network.

Important NPCs

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Upon leaving Lewmer if you have already hacked Overseer #01, go to the nearest Maintenance Panel and use it.

If you haven't hacked Overseer #1 yet. Enter Checkpoint 03. Find the Overseer #01 and breach its defence by hack it or use a keycard. 

With the transit network breached for that particular branch, you can use the network to quickly move around the island.

During the journey to Savaash's hideout, Artanak will reveal that Savaash was a Letargia agent here on Peh looking for an ancient vessel known as an ark. The Letargia are Drugun's secret police organization, with vast resources and highly-skilled, utterly ruthless operatives.

If Savaash failed in his mission to locate and access the ark, it is now your responsibility.

The cargo train eventually arrives at the old cargo station that Savaash was using as a safehouse. You find it in a state of neglect. A Letargia agent wouldn't leave his base of operations unprotected, however, so watch out for traps.

Watch a gameplay cutscene and arrive at Savaash's safehouse.

  • Kill the spiders in the arrival area.
  • Use the security switch to open up the door to the safehouse.

In the safehouse, you can do the following:

  • Talk to Artanak to find out more information.
  • Use sense mode to discover a switch disabling an illusion in the hideout.
  • Interact with hidden items: A disassembled Technomagi drop pod, A stack of books, Dirty dishes. Savaash's computer. Accessing this gives you the next clue as to Savaash's whereabouts.

Searching through Savaash's research and data will reveal that Savaash was planning to meet with a group called the Consortium in Warden's Hold, the capital city of Peh. That will be your next port of call for tracking him down.



Tips & Tricks

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