Crafting in Seven: The Days Long Gone is covered on this page. To craft certain items, use one of the designated stations -CRAFTING STATION and ALCHEMICAL STATION. These stations can be found in settlements and posts. Some stations are free to use while other stations (especially those owned by merchants) may require the owner's permission (you can still use them without it but be prepared to face the consequences if you get caught). 

Crafting items requires components, which can be obtained by exploring the world, through looting, gathering plants and DISMANTLING ITEMS.

There are seven basic components - i.e. Organic, Mineral, Cloth, Leather, Metal, Polymer and Techno.

Each item can be DISMANTLED to regain one of these basic components. Basic components can also be created by combining other basic components together.


Crafting Information

To CRAFT, approach a station and press the interaction button. The ASSEMBLE PANEL will open as the default panel.

From this panel, you can choose the category filter to help you find the item you wish to craft. To craft an item, press and hold E until the item is crafted.


CRAFTING SCHEMATICS can be found all over Peh or received as a reward They allow you to craft certain items at crafting stations. SCHEMATICS are learned once and will stay with you forever.



A CRAFTING STATION enables crafting upgrades for your weapons and armour, traps, darts, grenades, lockpicks and upgrade your drill provided you have CRAFTING SCHEMATICS for these.

CRAFTING STATIONS can also be upgraded.

There are three hers of the CRAFTING STATION, with each her you will be able to craft more powerful upgrades.

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      Crafting, sure. Got it. I can craft a weapon upgrade, but who the heck to you apply the upgrade? I can't make heads of tales of the object itself, except chose 'equip,' but it doesn't seem to interact with the equip screen in any way.

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